Ask if new technology will make a difference in patient outcomes

April 22, 2014

Elaine Khoong | Policy | April 16, 2014 Earlier this year, I completed a medical rotation in Africa. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience. While I expected it might be difficult to acquire newer, more expensive medications and procedures, I had anticipated that, given limited resources, there would be some rationale in deciding which medications [...]

CIO: No longer just ‘the IT guy’

April 17, 2014

Today, healthcare CIOs are expected to be transformational leaders. The healthcare CIO is emerging as a skilled strategist at the executive table, with more demands on the role than ever. April 7, 2014   In chess, the positional play is characterized by long-term maneuvering — strategic moves. It’s exactly what is being required of healthcare [...]

The Life of a Healthcare CIO: Barnabas Health’s Dr. Luis Taveras

April 8, 2014

(There are a number of great lessons in this article.  If we, as HTM Professionals, want to grow and understand more about the forces that run our hospitals, it is important to read these types of interviews.  This one is particularly insightful and useful.   Pat) Written by Helen Gregg (Twitter | Google+)  | March 07, [...]

15 styles of Distorted Thinking

April 2, 2014

Filtering: You take the negative details and magnify them, while filtering out all positive aspects of a situation. A single detail may be picked out, and the whole event becomes colored by this detail. When you pull negative things out of context, isolated from all the good experiences around you, you make them larger and [...]

10 Reminders to Ensure Safer Use of Patient-Controlled Analgesia

March 13, 2014

Physician-Patient Alliance for Health & Safety Improving Health & Safety Through Innovation and Awareness 10 Reminders to Ensure Safer Use of Patient-Controlled Analgesia Posted on December 31, 2012   PCA-related device events are three times as likely to result in injury or death. As Tim Ritter (Senior Patient Safety Analyst, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority) reminds us, [...]

Not-for-profit hospitals stay afloat by containing costs says Modern Healthcare

March 12, 2014

On January 5, Modern Healthcare issued an article that stated that US Not-for-profit hospitals are remaining profitable by reducing costs in the face of declining revenues.  This makes sense to me – if a hospital is making a 3% profit margin, it takes 33 times as much revenue to equal a 1% decrease in expenses.  [...]

Hiring Wisdom: Top 10 Ways to Guarantee Your Best People Will Quit

March 11, 2014

by Mel Kleiman on Apr 8, 2013, 8:10 AM  Here are 10 ways to guarantee that your best people will quit: 10. Treat everyone equally. This may sound good, but your employees are not equal. Some are worth more because they produce more results. The key is not to treat them equally, it is to [...]