How hospitals are luring IT employees

September 4, 2014

Written by Helen Gregg (Twitter | Google+)  | August 29, 2014 Hospitals are offering IT employees a variety of employment perks, but a competitive salary and benefits package is the top tool for hiring the best IT staffers, according to a recent HIMSS survey. According to the survey, the most-offered components of a compensation package [...]

Equipment Purchase Price Spreadsheet

June 26, 2014

Filling in the purchase price of every individual item of medical equipment is the first step to preparing to calculate the COSR (Cost Of Service Ratio).  It is also next to impossible to research hospital purchase orders to determine the actual price paid.  So we have to estimate.  Below is a tool to help you [...]

You Only Need to Do 4 Things to Be a Great Leader

May 30, 2014

Written by Lindsey Dunn (Twitter | Google+)  | May 13, 2014   Inclusive leadership is used to describe leaders who make employees feel included in and aligned with their organization, its vision and goals. Inclusive leadership is important because employees who feel included are more innovative and more likely to go above “the call of [...]

Business tips: managing your workflow

May 29, 2014

Master your streams of work before they master you with these simple but vital strategies By Ian Wylie 12:17PM BST 27 May 2014 posted at 1. Give your employees more responsibility Giving your workers ownership and a certain level of freedom when working on projects means that your workload as their boss decreases and [...]

The C-Suite is Expanding: Why It’s Worrisome

May 7, 2014

Written by Lindsey Dunn (Twitter | Google+)  | May 05, 2014 The size of the C-suite overseeing hospitals and health systems across the country is expanding. Long gone are the days when a CEO, CFO and CMO could successfully lead an institution. Expanding regulations, responsibilities and evolving business models have created the need for additional [...]

8 Top Priorities in the Hospital C-Suite

May 2, 2014

Written by Molly Gamble (Twitter | Google+)  | April 30, 2014 Most CEOs said improved efficiency is the key strategic priority for their organization over the next three years. The finding is one of many from the American Hospital Association’s latest survey, “Building a Leadership Team for the Health Care Organization of the Future.” Here [...]

10 Things to Know About Epic

April 28, 2014

(From Becker’s Hospital Review) Written by Helen Gregg (Twitter | Google+)  | April 17, 2014 Epic Systems is a large, privately held health IT company best known for its electronic health record system. Here are 10 things to know about Epic. Some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious hospitals and health systems use Epic’s [...]

Ask if new technology will make a difference in patient outcomes

April 22, 2014

Elaine Khoong | Policy | April 16, 2014 Earlier this year, I completed a medical rotation in Africa. It was an amazing, eye-opening experience. While I expected it might be difficult to acquire newer, more expensive medications and procedures, I had anticipated that, given limited resources, there would be some rationale in deciding which medications [...]

CIO: No longer just ‘the IT guy’

April 17, 2014

Today, healthcare CIOs are expected to be transformational leaders. The healthcare CIO is emerging as a skilled strategist at the executive table, with more demands on the role than ever. April 7, 2014   In chess, the positional play is characterized by long-term maneuvering — strategic moves. It’s exactly what is being required of healthcare [...]

The Life of a Healthcare CIO: Barnabas Health’s Dr. Luis Taveras

April 8, 2014

(There are a number of great lessons in this article.  If we, as HTM Professionals, want to grow and understand more about the forces that run our hospitals, it is important to read these types of interviews.  This one is particularly insightful and useful.   Pat) Written by Helen Gregg (Twitter | Google+)  | March 07, [...]