Global Medical Imaging was founded on April 15th, 2002 to be a “Brand Indifferent” ultrasound solutions provider. In the beginning, we were primarily focused on the private practice market and supported our customers by being an advocate for the ultrasound purchaser, user and asset manager. This foundation was built to support our vision of be­coming the largest and most trusted third party ultrasound organization in the country.

GMI’s commitment to our customers led us to grow our Service & Support staff in an effort to emerge into new markets and meet our customers growing demands. To accomplish this, we added a large parts inventory, regionalized field service engineers, an outside Sales Support team, in-house customer service team and dedicated technical support engineers. The addition of these key players allowed us to consistently deliver outstanding customer service and provide a phenomenal customer experience. With the addition of the service and support teams we were able to offer cost effective service solutions in the form of free technical support, training, custom service contracts and ultrasound manage­ment programs at a 40% savings compared to OEMs.

We are proud to be one of the pioneers of transducer repair in our industry, by bringing a transducer repair operation to our facility in Charlotte. GMI invested wholly into the trans­ducer repair aspect of our business in an effort to provide our customers with a cost effec­tive solution to control the cost of maintaining their current assets.

GMI’s current market position:

GMI sells, finances, services and supports every aspect of Diagnostic Ultrasound equip­ment and Patient Archive and Communications Systems. We provide a choice for customers seeking a cost effective solution to the rising cost in the imaging marketplace.

Let us be your partner to help you succeed in acquiring, maintaining and managing your ultrasound assets. Call us today at 800.958.9986 to speak to a qualified representative.