Emergency Preparation-Hurricane Florence

With Hurricane Florence approaching the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia coast we wanted to offer some advise on preparing your ultrasound equipment in case of an emergency.

1. Prepare your ultrasound machine by performing a backup of patient data as well as operating software.
2. Store the backup in a safe dry place.
3. Unplug the ultrasound machine from the wall-outlet.
4. Unplug any network/ethernet cables from the ultrasound.
5. Disconnect any and all transducers from the ultrasound machine.
6. Disconnect any auxiliary or ecg cables from the ultrasound machine.
7. Wrap the transducers in hand towels and place in zip-loc or water tight bags.
8. Place the bags on a high shelf or storage cabinet.
9. If possible, move the ultrasound machine to a higher floor/area.
10. Once the machine is in a safe place, make sure to lock and brake the wheels on the machine.
11. Cover the machine with a trash bag or plastic cover.

If your ultrasound machine does come in to contact with flood water, use the following steps to ensure no further damage occurs.

1. Do not plug the machine in to a power outlet until it has been properly inspected.
2. Properly disinfect the machine and any affected areas. Contaminated flood waters can carry biohazards and infectious diseases.
3. Remove any and all filters and properly dry them.
4. Move the ultrasound machine to a dry area.
5. Remove any cosmetic panels and or protective covers to increase air flow.
6. Have your ultrasound machine inspected for moisture, perform a preventive maintenance inspection.
7. Once the machine has dried out, have a qualified technician power up and inspect the machine for proper operation.

All though these steps may not save your equipment from a natural disaster, they will provide you with the best course of action to protect your assets to the best of your ability.

If you have any questions about the safety of your ultrasound equipment or need help in any way, please contact us immediately.


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