GMI will soon be Avante Ultrasound

We are excited to announce that in the coming months, Avante Ultrasound will officially be adopted as the name for Global Medical Imaging. GMI will become the dedicated Ultrasound division of Avante Health Solutions, a growing global brand that adds a host of exciting new products and services to our portfolio. At a time when budgets are pinched and quality is critical, we are strengthening our buying power, leveraging partner relationships, and expanding our technical teams to provide you with a better alternative to acquiring and maintaining your medical equipment. This change will greatly benefit our customers and allow GMI to strengthen the overall value we can create for your organization.

Thank you for trusting us with your business, we very much look forward to building on that foundation in the years to come!

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About Avante Health Solutions
Avante is expanding its global leadership in the healthcare market by acquiring, partnering, and growing with healthcare equipment companies that provide smart solutions for a wide variety of medical facilities. Our companies are focused on the complete lifecycle of medical, surgical, diagnostic imaging, cath/angio, MRI and radiation oncology equipment, including sales, service, repair, sourcing and refurbishing. Through organic growth and targeted acquisitions, Avante provides a breadth of service and product offerings to customers located throughout North America and the world. For more information, please visit

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