GMI’s New Probe Evaluation Tool

Charlotte, NC (December 6, 2016) – GMI has relaunched our Ultrasound Probe Evaluation Tool. The Probe Evaluation Tool is an interactive guide to help our customers assess possible issues/damage to their ultrasound transducers. The tool is divided into specific probe type; TEE, Curved Array, Endo-Cavity, Phased Array and Linear Array. The tool offers a step-by-step process to highlight specific areas of the transducers and common issues within those areas. There are image examples to help our customer identify specific problems they may be experiencing with the transducer. As you proceed through the evaluation, the tool keeps a record of selected problems with the probe and allows the customer to submit the collected information for a quote for the repairs needed.

GMI provides this tool to help educate our customers on the common issues with ultrasound transducers as well as streamlining the process for quoting of probe repairs.

Click the link to test drive the Ultrasound Probe Evaluation Tool and let us know what you think.


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