Tiered Pricing vs. Freedom of Choice

There are more choices than ever when it comes to the repair of ultrasound transducers. It seems as though every few months there is a new company making an announcement of it’s new probe repair capabilities. GMI has been repairing probes for over 10 years and we have always left the decision up to the customer of how they choose to spend their money. We call that Freedom of Choice.

We want to explore the argument of Tiered Pricing vs. Freedom of Choice.

What is Freedom of Choice? This method allows our customers the freedom to choose what repairs and what price they pay for the repair of the probe. Once we have evaluated your probe, we will send you an itemized repair estimate. As the customer, you can pick and choose what repairs need to be completed. Our detailed quote will allow you to determine what repairs are needed and what is optional. We will always require repairs for any probe deemed  unsafe or diagnostically compromised. A simplified answer is…… you only pay for what you need.

What is tiered pricing? Simply put, if your damaged probe falls in to a particular tier based on the type of repair, you will pay one price. This is a very simple repair process, simple for the repair facility and simple for the customer. Transducer “X” has a damaged strain relief, that repair falls into Tier 1 pricing. Transducer “Y” has a damaged lens, that repair falls under Tier 2 pricing. Simple, right? Not really!

Example 1:
Damaged Strain Relief

Hospital “A” has a GE 4C – Probe has a damaged strain relief and a cut in the cable.

Company “X” Tiered Pricing = $1800

GMI Freedom of Choice = $600 (Strain Relief Replacement) +$300 (Cable Patch) = $900

 $1800-$900= $900 Savings

Example 2:
S51 Dropout

Hospital “A” has a Philips S5-1 – Probe has catastrophic diagnostic failure

Company “X” Tiered Pricing =$4400

GMI Freedom of Choice= $4500 (Complete Repair)

$4500-$4400=$100 Spend

Total Repair Cost for Both Examples:

Company “X” Tiered Pricing $1800 + $4400= $6200

GMI Freedom of Choice $900 + $4500= $5400

Total GMI Savings: $800

To experience the difference for yourself, click here to begin the Probe Evaluation Tool to complete your repair or call 1.800.958.9986 today.

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