GMI offers state of the art probe repair and programs like HotSwap™, which provide for less down time and more cost effective solutions. Our probe repair covers the broadest range of OEM’s in the industry. GMI also offers 24X7 technical support from the most knowledgeable team in the industry, and our parts department stocks the most sought after parts at competitive prices.

Repair & Service Programs for Probes & Transducers

GMI truly is a one-stop shop for all your imaging needs. We provide state of the art transducer repair of  general use, volumetric and TEE probes. GMI offers the broadest range of OEM coverage. Since GMI performs all probe repair services in our own facility we offer quick turn around times as well as an ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System to insure that your probe meets or exceeds industry standards. GMI also offers free evaluations and free loaners to help maintain your uptime and minimize cost.

Benefits of a GMI Probe Repair:

  • HotSwap™ Program
  • Probe exchange at repair cost
  • 95% of quotes are delivered within 24 hours
  • 92% on-time delivery of repairs
  • Less than 2% warranty return claims
  • Certified Quality Control process

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GMI has completed and PASSED biocompatibility testing based on FDA Good Laboratory Practice regulations. The tests were completed by an independent laboratory, on the materials that GMI uses in the repair of ultrasound transducers. The studies were conducted based on: ISO 10993-5, Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 5: Test for in vitro cytotoxicity and ISO 10993-10, Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 10: Test for irritation and skin sensitization.

What does all this mean to you?

It means that the materials GMI uses has been proven to be safe. It also means that you can TRUST that GMI is committed to delivering the safest products and services to our customers and your patients. We never know when our family, friends or ourselves will be the patient and that is why we strive to provide the best products. We have taken this step with the intention of affecting change in the marketplace by making this the industry standard.

GMI’s HotSwap™ Program

Minimize time spent away from your core business and gain more productivity with GMI’s HotSwap™ Program. GMI will ship you a loaner probe for your damaged probe. Upon receiving the loaner, return your probe in the provided probe shuttle. Once GMI receives your probe our team of probe repair technicians will evaluate the probe and note any repairs that need to be completed. The GMI probe repair lab will contact you with the quote based on the evaluation. Once the quote is approved, the process is complete. This entire process helps to eliminate downtime and unnecessary shipping charges by keeping your loaner probe for the repair price.

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Continual Research & Development

GMI is continually moving forward with research and development in our probe repair abilities. We offer the broadest coverage of OEM transducers to include general purpose and TEE transducers. Our dedicated probe repair team is among the best in the industry and will manage your repairs in an efficient manor saving you both time and money. Our OEM coverage includes transducers from market leaders like GE, Siemens (Acuson), Philips (ATL/HP) and Toshiba. Our probe repair capabilities are unrivaled and cost effective due to the fact that all repairs take place in our facility and aren’t farmed out to another lab.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Call 800.958.9986 to speak to a qualified GMI representative.