VidiStar Standalone Viewer

Not every practice requires server-based technology. VidiStar® offers a standalone medical imaging viewer that is priced right for today’s practicing physician. Once authorized, users simply download the software, install it and are ready to go. VidiStar’s Standalone Viewer™ allows for the viewing of multimodality DICOM images and clips, as well as other imaging formats, such as MPEG4. Users can conduct offline measurements and annotations, including certain cardiovascular measurements in order to get the job done.

VidiStar Viewer for iOS

Vidistar Viewer offers medical professionals instant access to their medical images and reports from their mobile Apple device(s). With Vidistar Viewer, users may view still imags, video clips, patient information, diagnostic reports and review their diagnostic DICOM studies (i.e. echos, vascular studies, OBGYN, nuclear, cath, angio, etc.).
Review studies from anywhere.
Vidistar Viewer includes similar functionality to VidiStar’s web-solutions, and allows users to review studies and reports regardless of location.
Engage your patients

Use your iPad to show your patient their diagnostic study and enhance their engagement in their plan of care by educating them on the their condition, thus heightening their understanding and furthering your patient relationship.

Benefits of VidiStar Solutions:

View Imaging Exams

  • Modalities include Emergency Medicine, Cardiovascular, General Ultrasound, Radiology, and other medical imaging applications. Interfaces with many existing systems such as Sonosite and other vendor DICOM modalities including Philips, GE, Aloka, Acuson, Toshiba, Biosound, ATK and Siemens
  • Point-and-click on the patient row to launch the viewer and view the study
  • Auto and manual calibration tools include measurement, pan/zoom, annotating, error correction, multiple image /video display, region of interest, free-hand surface area, magnify glass and and more.
  • Brightness and contrast for still images and video clips (AVI, MEPG4, and DICOM)
  • Toggle view layout between 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, or 6:1
  • Easy to use graphical user-interface with point and click navigation

Reporting and Distribution

  • Save time and increase accuracy
  • Study list features include reports and study-related information.
  • Easy to use point-and-click graphical user interface


  • Comprehensive approach to data analysis
  • Open, review and compare multiple imaging studies
  • Drag and drop image(s) and video clip(s) for comparison

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