Nuclear Imaging Preventive Maintenance

A Preventive Management consists of:

  • Inspection of mechanical systems.
    • Lubrication and adjustments as necessary
      • Standard calibration of imaging system.
        • Update PMT gain
        • Energy correction
        • Intrinsic uniformity correction
        • Inspection of collimator for defects
  • If defect shows up on extrinsic flood, then new extrinsic flood uniformity is performed
  • Extrinsic flood source strength needs to be within specification for flood correction to be performed
  • COR (center of rotation) specifications are checked and calibration is performed as needed.
  • Processing and Acquisition workstation maintenance.
    • Defrag and Check-disk performed if Windows based
    • Back up of both
    • General cleanup of system to include vacuuming and wipe down.

Review of historical QC data is performed to baseline pre-existing performance issues prior to Preventative Management. If any exist after standard procedures, then the customer is informed and corrective maintenance is scheduled as necessary.

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