GMI Video Library

The GMI Video Library allows you to instantly download or stream video training content for ultrasound. No phone calls, no FAQ sections of a website, no message boards, no time wasted. Detailed instructions for replacing parts, reloading software and calibration of the latest ultrasound models including:

  • Philips iU-22 & iE-33
  • GE Logiq/Vivid E9
  • Philips HD 11
  • Philips Envisor
  • GE Vivid 7
  • GE Logiq 9
  • GE Voluson 730
  • GE Logiq i
  • HP 5500
  • HDI 5000
  • Acuson Sequoia
  • Ultrasound 101

Want to learn more? Please contact GMI for more information regarding the GMI App and how you can gain your access today.