Tech Tips

  • 22/33 AFP Replacement

If and when you have to replace any front end boards for the iU22 or iE33, you will have to remove and replace the Acquisition Front Plane (AFP). Our technical staff has run in to this issue a number of times and we have decided to impart our knowledge on to you.

The issue at hand is the removal and installation of the AFP board. IF you have worked with this board before, you know that it is not complicated. However, there lies the problem. Moving through this replacement too quickly can cost you thousands of dollars and hours of frustration. Generally, most of the issue arise during installation. Use the checklist to ensure the proper operation.


  • Remove all the screws from the AFP.
  • Make sure the tabs for the cosmetic panels are out of the way.
  • Lift the UI assembly to it’s highest level.
  • Remove all 4 power connections from the AFP.


  • All boards should be seated and in the proper slot.
  • All 4 board retention tabs should be secure.
  • All 4 power connections should be secure.
  • Starting from the top, slide the AFP down on to the locking mechanism.
  • Carefully slide the locking arm down. You should need no more than 7-10lbs of pressure to lock it in place. If the locking arm does not close with minimal effort, lift up and check the above items.

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If you need installation or troubleshooting help feel free to call 800-958-9986, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.