Ultrasound Machine Service and Repair

What do you do when a problem arises? You need trained ultrasound technicians ready and on your side. This is where GMI’s individual repair and contract services can make a difference.  We have strategically located factory trained ultrasound service and technical support engineers on site and across the United States.  These professionals sole responsibility is to get you answers and up and running as quickly as possible. What if you live in an area where GMI doesn’t have an engineer? We will introduce you to our “Ready Team” members who are available to hop on a plane or into a car to make their way to you. We pride ourselves on being self-sufficient by taking care of our customers with our own skilled people.

Our Customer Service Representative’s mission is to manage your used ultrasound service and repair needs while allowing you to focus on your customers and patients. The CSRs will leverage our state-of-the-art ERP system to schedule your service call promptly and make sure the technicians have all the components needed to complete the call with confidence.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Call 800.958.9986 to speak to a qualified GMI representative.