S2000 Service Training

The S2000 is a premium ultrasound imaging console. The system is built on next generation acoustic technologies that enable you to experience never-before-seen detail during examinations.

The system software uses advanced algorithms and an expert database of real clinical cases to recognize anatomical patterns and landmarks as well as perform automatic measurements. The S2000 is the replacement system for the Siemens Sequoia.

The S2000 service training course is designed for the ultrasound service professional. This course will focus on the system as it pertains to theory, architecture, block diagram and functional repair.

Course Outline

  • Basic Theory
  • System Familiarization
  • Manual Overview
  • System Architecture-Common Failures
  • Troubleshooting-Replacement
  • PM Procedure
  • DICOM Connectivity

The course is completely hands on with technicians focusing on scanning techniques, common failures, and board/module replacement.
*Course prerequisite is 1 year of ultrasound experience or Ultrasound 101 course.