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Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine

Philips iE 33 Ultrasound Parts

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GMI provides efficient full life-cycle products and services for Philips ie33 ultrasound machines. We have trained engineers and offer certified parts, expert service, repair, and end user training courses to keep your systems up and running. A full list of available parts and components are listed below.
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Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561150491
Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561150492
Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561150493
Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561150495
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150891
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150892
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150893
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150894
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150895
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150897
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561150898
ECG Connector Assy 453561152752
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561153884
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561153885
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561153886
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561153887
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561153889
Channel Board 453561156011
Channel Board 453561156012
Channel Board 453561156013
Channel Board 453561156014
Channel Board 453561156016
Channel Board 453561156017
Channel Board 453561164271
Rear Interface Panel (AVIO) 453561167391
Rear Interface Panel (AVIO) 453561167392
Scanhead Select 453561167791
Scanhead Select 453561167792
Control & Display (AVIO) 453561168091
Control & Display (AVIO) 453561168092
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561169242
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561169243
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561169244
SPD 453561170965
Acquisition Power Distribution 453561172773
Rear Interface Module (AVIO) 453561185612
Acquisition Card Cage 453561192762
Rear Interface Panel (AVIO) 453561200191
Image Export Processor (IEP) 453561202061
Image Export Processor (IEP) 453561202062
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561208341
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561208342
Acquisition Frontplane (AFP) 453561208343
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210221
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210222
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210223
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210224
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210231
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210232
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210233
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210234
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210235
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561210236
Rear Interface Panel (AVIO) 453561220671
 Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561233802
 Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561233803
 Unified Motherboard (UMB) 453561254492
 SPD 453561264873
 SPD 453561264874
 Dual Signal Conditioning (DSC) 453561277001
 Unified AVIO 453561278211
 Unified AVIO 453561278212
 Unified AVIO 453561278213
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278261
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278262
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278263
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278264
Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278265
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278266
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561278267
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279491
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279492
Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279493
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279494
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279495
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279496
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279497
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561279498
 Control & Display (AVIO) 453561280281
 Channel Board 453561287451
 Channel Board 453561287452
 Channel Board 453561303331
 Channel Board 453561303332
 Channel Board 453561303902
 Compact Adapter 453561304001
 Unified AVIO 453561325292
 Signal Processor Board (SPB) 453561343281
 Unified Motherboard (UMB) 453561360251
 Neo Analog Interface Module (NAIM) 453561454392
 Front End Controller (FEC) 453561464291
 Image Export Processor (IEP) 7500-2064-01
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